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The Law Offices Of David S Rich,LLC

“Quite simply David is the best. He was tremendous in helping me resolve a legal issue, and throughout the entire process he was professional, empathetic, and gave me expert (and honest) advice starting from day one.

No matter where you are in your legal process, I highly recommend speaking with David as part of your own diligence as I chose him over a multitude of other attorneys. Thank you David, I know I made the right choice!”

James N.

“I worked with David on my case and he was simply wonderful. He was quick to meet, knowledgable about process and eased many of my concerns and answered all of my questions. At the end, the case was decided in my favor and David was central to this success. I recommend him unreservedly. Please note: we are also not related.”

Tim R.

“David Rich obtained an excellent result for me in a court case in which the odds were stacked against me. I am very pleased with Mr. Rich’s services. I would retain Mr. Rich again in a heartbeat.”

Terry S.

“I had issue with my Long Term Disability. David was able to restart it.”

Dipika S.

“David Rich is an especially productive, competent and dedicated lawyer. I had seven (7) company witnesses against me. I had no witnesses. Mr. Rich won the case for me with full back pay, and with seniority and benefits intact. Sincerely,”

Shadeed A.

“David Rich is an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. David dedicated long hours and came prepare to WIN. I highly recommend this attorney!”

Anthony G.

“Mr. Rich is a highly knowledgeable and competent attorney who worked hard to represent me. I practice forensic/clinical psychology in a legal setting and know many attorneys. I can say without reservation that Mr. Rich’s legal acumen and devotion to his work are unrivaled.”

David J.

“Professional and personable.”

William J.

5 Stars rating

Bill B.

5 Stars rating

Jacob D.

5 Stars rating

Allen R.

5 Stars rating

Jan E.